The objective of TILE research team is to develop and provide innovative instructional materials and tools for science education. Through long-term collaborations with teachers at local schools and an ongoing dialogue between theory and practice, the TILE team designs learning environments to facilitate students’ conceptual understanding, cultivate their inquiry abilities, and contribute to the goal of developing independent learners.

  The science learning environments created by TILE incorporate innovative technologies, provide students with support and scaffold, and engage students in authentic inquiry. Features of these environments include: (1) helping student visualize scientific concepts and principles to enhance their conceptual understanding; (2) providing multiple linked representations (e.g., text, illustration, formula, concept sketch, flow chart and animation) and web-based sharing tools (e.g., chat rooms and discussion forums) to promote sharing and communication; (3) integrating innovative and advanced technologies that enable teachers to utilize online resources and support students to conduct authentic scientific investigations. Teachers and graduate students interested in learning technologies and digital learning are welcome to join us.

  Together we could cultivating research talents and make significant contributions to science education in Taiwan.